Other Works

Josquin Desprez: Omnes gentes (NJE App. 08)
Source: Lodovico Zacconi: Prattica di Musica, Teil 1, fol. 190r (Copy of Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, 2 Mus.th. 565-1)

In the last volume of the New Josquin Edition, the editors have published as an appendix some works that had not been considered before. The majority of the following titles are short quotations from Josquin works in Lodovico Zacconi’s music-theoretical work Prattica di musica utile et necessaria si al compositore per comporre i canti suoi regolatamente, si anco al cantore (Venice: G. Polo, 1592). Zacconi references numerous other works by Josquin in his work, but these could be clearly assigned to surviving works. The following excerpts refer mainly to works of which no other sources have survived. Accordingly, it is also difficult to judge authenticity on the basis of a short excerpt.

No.TitleVoicesIDAuthenticity (NJE)
1Missa Inviolata?NJE_App._01
2Missa Mi mi4NJE_App._02
3Castigans castigavit me dominus?NJE_App._03
4Celi enarrant gloriam dei?NJE_App._04
5Descendi in ortum meum?NJE_App._05
6Exultent et letentur?NJE_App._06
7In deficiendo ex me?NJE_App._07
8Omnes gentes?NJE_App._08
9Scriptum est enim?NJE_App._09
10Seculum nostrum?NJE_App._10
11Il n’est plaisir3NJE_App._11
12Si bibero crathere pleno?NJE_App._12
13Textless piece?NJE_App._13