The currently most comprehensive discography of Josquin’s works is by Father Jerome F. Weber. The PDF document, which has already been revised and updated seven times since 2016, is structured by genre and lists all known recordings for each work in a genre:

Jerome F. Weber – Josquin Discography (June 2021)

Jerome F. Weber was able to draw on a number of previous works: The first printed discography was by Barbara Zuber in the volume Musik-Konzepte 26/27: Josquin des Prés, edited by Heinz-Klaus Metzger and Rainer Riehn in 1982.

Only a year later, Sydney Robinson Charles published his Josquin des Prez: A Guide to Research (Garland Composer Resource Manuals, 1983), which contains not only a brief biography, a list of works and sources, and a bibliography, but also an extensive discography.

In 1999 Todd McComb and especially Pierre-F. Roberge have published a very extensive list of recordings on the website Medieval.org. Unlike Jerome F. Weber, who takes a work-by-work approach, Pierre-F. Roberge lists all recordings that contain works by Josquin – including helpful information such as track list, recording date, etc.

Peter Urquhart then filled in the gaps in Appendix B (“Discography”) of The Josquin Companion (edited by Richard Sherr in 2000). In addition, his contribution contains very valuable comments and recommendations on individual recordings. Urquhart himself has demonstrated the competence to judge with a series of Josquin recordings with his “Capella Alamire”.

Printed publications that have provided important preliminary work for the previously mentioned discographies are the following works:

  • Leslie, George Clark: The Gramophone shop encyclopedia of recorded music. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1942
  • Clough, Francis F. und G. J. Cuming: The World’s Encyclopedia of Recorded Music. London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1966
  • Coover, James und Richard Colvig: Medieval and Renaissance Music on Long-Playing Records. Detroit: Information Coordinators 1973 (Detroit studies in music bibliography; 26)
  • Croucher, Trevor: Early Music Discography from Plainsong to the Sons of Bach. London: Libr. Assoc., 1981.
  • Myers, Kurtz: Index to record reviews : based on material originally published in Notes, the quarterly journal of the Music Library Association. Boston, Mass: G. K. Hall, 1987-

Finally, two websites should be mentioned that provide further information:

  1. The website classical-discography.org by Michael Gray currently (as of August 2021) lists 122 entries under the search term Josquin.
  2. The commercial website Discogs currently lists 205 records and CDs with recordings of Josquin works under the search term “Josquin des Prés”.